How to Add and Use Brushes in Photoshop

Photoshop brusjes tutorial

Another Basic Photoshop Tutorial in How o Photoshop section We are still at very basic level from where a beginner of Photoshop starts as our series of tutorials go forward we will be adding advanced tutorials to our site.

How to Use Photoshop | Adding and Using Brushes

Photoshop brushes tutorial

What we shall learn today in the series of basic tutorials of learning Photoshop.

1. How to add brushes to the Photoshop

2. How to use Brushes in Photoshop

How to add brushes to the Photoshop:

Lets start and see what we really need to do to add the brushes to the Photoshop.

1. We need a brush set. Either download it or make it yourself. ( you can get it from any popular website ).

2. If your brush set is in compressed form unpack it and find the .ABR file which really is our brush set.

3. Once you have found the brush set open where you have installed the Adobe Photoshop. (The default directory where it is installed is drive where your windows is installed and from there in Program files, if you do not specify it where to install)

4. Now when you are in your system disk where your windows is installed you need to open the directory as shown in the picture below…

Brush preset directory
5. You will see some files already are there which are your existing brushes you can already use. Copy the Brush set you downloaded or made in the First step.

6. Paste that .ABR file in the directory shown in the picture.

Congratulations! you have learned How to Add a Brush to the Photoshop.

Now we shall see how to use brushes in the Photoshop

How to use Brushes in Photoshop:

Using brushes in Photoshop is a very basic thing. Once you completed the above tutorial of Adding a brush to Photoshop and added a brush you now need to…

1. Open the Adobe Photoshop and select brush in the tools menu manually or by pressing B key on your keyboard.

2. Once you have selected a brush now you need to click right mouse button anywhere in the document you are working on,

Gow to use brush in Photoshop

3. The box shown above will appear, Click the button shown in the picture.

4. A list of available brushes will appear, Click the desired brush you want to use…

Congratulations! you have learned How to use Photoshop Brushes in Photoshop.

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