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We will help you learn how to use Photoshop with the help of Basic Photoshop Tutorials if you are a Adobe Photoshop beginner. When you will master the skills of how to Photoshop then you will be able to enhance you photos and make them more lively and attractive. You will also learn how to perfectly change whole photo from one place to another.

Rectangular Marquee Tool

Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)

Rectangular Marquee Tool is the first tool we will see in the section of Adobe Photoshop Tools and head section of How to Photoshop. The keyboard shortcut of Rectangular Marquee Tool is M key.

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Rectangular Marquee Tool is basically a tool used for rectangular selection. You have to select images for many purposes. In the above colorful image all the selection is made via rectangular marquee tool and colored with brush tool.

Rectangular Marquee Tool Options:

There are some useful options of rectangular marquee tool which can be used for advanced selection. 1. Option selected as default is New Selection option which is used to make a single selection.

2. The second option highlighted in the photo with blue color is Add to Selection. If you want to add a selection in an existing selection you can select this option and add selection. you can also add to selection by holding Shift key.

Example: In the featured photo of this Basic Photoshop tutorial the purple and pink squares are added to the selection of blue square.

3. The option highlighted in yellow color is Subtract from Selection option by which you can delete selection from your existing selection in the same way you can add selection. You can simply hold ALT key to subtract from the selection

Example: The area from the blue square is subtracted from the left lower corner.

4. Intersect with selection, highlighted in green, by using this option you can intersect area from existing selection. The shortcut key for this option is holding Shift + ALT.

Rectangular Marquee Tool options

Rectangular Marquee Tool Styles:

There are three styles of Rectangular Marquee Too. Normal is selected as default for simple selection. The second option is Fixed Ratio, by which you can fix a ratio which suits you for example 1:2. The length  will be 2 times of width regardless of the size which is a variable and is up to your discretion.

The other style is Fixed-size. When you fix the size of the selection, all the selections you make will be of same size, here the numbers are variable if you choose add to selection you can add as many blocks as you want.

Example: The two squares Orange and green are made using this style

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Once you have selected an area you can move that area by using the mouse or by using arrow keys on the keyboard. Keep in mind that the default option (New Selection) must be selected before you can move your selection.

Here we conclude, You must have enjoyed this tutorial from and increased your knowledge about how to use Photoshop.  Now you know everything about rectangular marquee tool. We will continue with useful Basic Photoshop Tutorials.

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